men's and women's perfumes for sale in uae

men's and women's perfumes for sale in uae

Perfumes are considered a universal gift for all occasions. Wouldn’t you agree? Don’t all your gifting decisions rely on the usage of the person but what do you give the one who has it all? A perfume add-on never hurt anyone! In fact, add as many and it becomes an enthusiast’s collection. The Perfume Brands in UAE is just the geographical location you need to be to get the best of the best. men's and womens perfumes for sale in uae.

The Medley of the 3Es

Choosing a Luxury was always about the experience. Begin with forming a portrait of the potential recipient, followed by the perfume’s image - it has to be Extraordinary, Exclusive, and Exciting, the 3Es that will never fail you. The likely result is an aromatic bouquet bringing experiences to its inheritor - a true piece of art designed for its connoisseurs. 

The Luxury of Online Gift Selection

Looking for an impressive gift? Go for a uniquely packaged and appealing fragrance assortment available at your fingertips at the Sterling Mega Store – Buy perfumes online in UAE and enter the world of perfumery with a variety of options featuring Men’s & Women’s fragrances with some goodies if you get in the right period of promotion (yes, really!), it’s an unboxing experience one just can’t miss!! It’s worth raving about. 

Scroll quick and dive straight into the world of our top fragrance set picks…

 Top 5 Picks From the Season Especially for YOU

For the fashionable woman who appreciates style and elegance, choose Vanity Femme Essence for Women. The peach sophistication will leave you impressed. This gift set comprises Vanity Femme Eau De Parfum - 100ml, Fragrance Body Spray – 250ml, Body Lotion - 100ml, and  Perfumed Body Spray - 50ml. The striking vision of the bottle also exudes the exotic flavor of the fragrance itself.

A spirited and vivacious masculine scent opening with a citrus gust and glistening spices mixing with rich floral notes resting on warm sensual woods and amber if you choose the Ventana Men often regarded as top amongst the Men’s perfumes for sale in UAE. It carries eternal class and says a lot with even just a whiff.

Tres Nuit for Men - A gregarious fresh spicy scent that opens with invigorating notes of lemon, verbena, and Iris blending with a zesty core of Lavender, Violet, and warm spicy accords. The A musky mix of sandalwood and ambergris forms the base. Perfect for traveling, it contains Tres Nuit Eau De Parfum – 100ml, Shower Gel – 100ml, Body Spray – 50ml, and Shampoo – 250ml

A seductive and opulent sensation with intimate fusion of ritzy notes - Mandarin, Peach, Melon, and Magnolia interweaved with extra floral notes of Narcissus, Tuberose, Jasmine and Lily on a base of a mix of Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Musk in Momento Fleur for Women at the end. The 4-Piece Gift Set boasts of Fleur Eau De Parfum – 100ml, Body Lotion – 100ml, Perfumed Body Spray – 50ml, and Fragrance Body Spray - 250 ml.

Everyone admires the Club De Nuit Intense Man. Packaged in a bottle of black, it is the flavor of the ultimate one. It is mystical and the oomph reflects with a single glance at the bottle. Just lookup for the Best Perfume online in Dubai and let the awesomeness enchant you. Club De Nuit EDT Man - 105ml, Shower Gel - 100ml, Shampoo - 250ml, and Perfume Body Spray - 50ml gift set is ideal for any occasion.

We’re giving the spotlight they truly deserve with our top 5 picks that are loved by 

YOU and our In-House experts. 

Enchant Away!!

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